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How Can the Career Skills Builder Program Benefit You?

Gain Control of Your Career

  • Do you think you are not sure of what to do next? Well just about everyone does. Why? There is a lot to think about, a lot of random training, tons of information, tons of distractions.
  • We know it will help you have the career you want. This is a career training program that is so complete you won’t need another.
  • You will have better tools and techniques than your competition (your peers)!
  • You will know that many of the things you do today are very important and the right thing to do.
  • It’s practical and doable – it’s the things you can do and will make a difference for you.

How Do You Use It?

  • The program consists of 15 main courses
  • Login to the application that launches the classes
  • Listen to the video on how to use the program
  • Take the first two classes

Using Your Career Journal

  • The career journal has two sections; one section focuses on skills you need to learn or to improve, the second details skills you need to use in your career to be successful
  • Update the career journal with the skills you need to learn or improve, and skills you need to use – use it right away after you take the first two classes
  • The career journal is your tracking mechanism to make sure you’re on the right track

Using Your Weekly Planner

  • The weekly planner is how you track your career
  • Enter the tasks you need to do daily, weekly and monthly
  • Use the tasks from the first two classes first
  • This will give you a feel for the process of gaining control of your career

Sign Up For the First Coaching Session

  • It’s a career assessment – simple and painless
  • Fill out the form and schedule a meeting with one of our career experts
  • It will help identify areas to focus on

Career Skills Builder can help you grow in your current job by understanding how workplaces work. Become more valuable and get noticed. Sign up today!

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